Know what to do in the event of a car accident!

At Stylet Accidents Clinic, we’re dedicated to making sure you’re okay after an accident, and providing the care you need to get diagnosed, treated and back to your life.

What to do if you have an accident?

  • Stay calm Take a deep breath and try to keep a level head. It can be hard to think clearly after an accident, but it’s important to do so. Remember: panic can affect others and can worsen the situation.
  • Assess the damage Determine the extent of the damage, starting with any injuries requiring immediate medical attention (if so, call 911). But remember that injuries can remain hidden for weeks or months.
  • Call the police For any accident, even a minor one, call the police and file an accident report. Don’t leave the accident scene until the report is filed.
  • Get the facts Get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of those involved in the accident, along with insurance information and vehicle identification numbers (VIN). Also try to get a description of the vehicle, its license plate number and contact info for passengers and witnesses.
  • Take — and make — pictures Take photographs of the accident scene with your camera or cell phone. Also, draw a sketch of how the accident occurred. Memories can fade and change. These concrete images avoid that problem.
  • Call your insurance agent Call your agent or insurance company from the scene of the accident, if possible. The insurance agent may want to speak to the police officer.
  • Limit discussion of the accident Discuss the accident only with the police and your insurance agent. Discussing it with others can affect your (and other people’s) thinking, muddying the story. Limit discussion, and admit no fault or liability.
  • Call (305) 956-7755 to see a medical doctor Even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt, you may have been.
It is very common to feel no pain the first day after a car accident due to the stress and the adrenaline in your blood,  but the pain will eventually start when your body relaxes from the severe stress of the accident. A prompt consultation with the doctors of Stylet Accident Clinic will place you in the path to prompt and complete recovery. It can also help preserve your rights and protections while ensuring that injuries are identified, evaluated and treated so you can get relief and recovery.

Are you ready to take control over your accident?

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Your First Appointment

Once you’re here, you will be evaluated by a licensed medical doctor — a real physician — who will examine you for injury. This means that you not only get a medical perspective but one that is rooted in the types of injuries and problems unique to automotive accidents. We’ll evaluate you thoroughly and completely use our comprehensive program, including state-of-the-art imaging modalities such as X-ray, CT, MRI and more. The Doctor will also evaluate the patient to establish a possible Emergency Medical Condition to document persistent injury for claim requirements.


To be thoroughly evaluated for an appropriate treatment plan, bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Driver’s license
  • Health insurance card for your primary health insurance if you have one
  • The card for the secondary health insurance, if applicable
  • Automobile insurance card
  • Police Accident Report
  • Automobile insurance accident claim number
  • Medical records from any and/or all providers who treated you since the accident, such as chiropractors, emergency room doctors, and other health care providers
  • Radiology disks or films made since the auto accident injury occurred
  • Containers of all medications you take daily and medications prescribed since the accident
  • Completed Stylet Accidents Clinic New Patient Packet