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Before your first visit:

After scheduling your initial visit appointment please gather all medical records relating to your condition. At Stylet Pain Management, we believe that every appointment is an important one. Then, we have put together a few helpful tips that you can look at to prepare for your appointment to help start you on your path for pain relief.

What to bring to your first consult:

  • List of all medications that you are currently taking
  • MRI films
  • X-Rays
  • Radiology Reports
  • Bring your insurance cards and a Photo ID
  • Names and addresses of referring and primary doctors
  • Name and address of your preferred Pharmacy.
  • You can print and fill out, completely or partially, the “New Patient Welcome Form” in the comfort of your home, so you will spend less time in the waiting room.
  • You could print out the Map and Directions for Stylet Pain Management Clinic. Also, you could introduce our address into your phone map or GPS get clear directions on how to find our location.

Your first appointment:

Once in the office, you will meet with one of our physicians who will review your history and perform a physical exam. The focus will be on all aspects of your pain; when it began, how it impacts your life, all treatments which have been performed.

Your medical history and all diagnostic studies such as Rx, CT scans, and MRI will be reviewed. If necessary, additional studies may be ordered.

A treatment plan will then be developed and will be discussed with you by the Pain Doctor.

Follow Up Visits:

Once a diagnosis has been established you may begin the treatment process. The goal will be to improve your function, both physically and emotionally. Recommended treatments may include interventional pain techniques such as injections, physical therapy, behavior modification, and medications.

Careful monitoring of your case is necessary to manage your pain quickly and safely. You will come regularly to our office to be interviewed by us and ensure that your treatment is optimal and the possible side effects of the treatment are minimal or do not exist.

Should you be prescribed narcotic pain medications you also will require monthly follow-up visits and may be subjected to urine drug screens. Refills of narcotics will require an office visit.

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