Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

People with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) experience intense pain in their limbs, hands, or feet, as well as changes in skin color, temperature (first warm, then cold), and loss of movement or function

In most cases, the pain is constant. It is often greater than one would expect from the injury they received (hyperalgesia), Also, the patients have severe pain after a very mild stimulus (hyperesthesia). There may also be changes in hair and nail growth in the affected limb.

CRPS sometimes starts spontaneously, but it usually occurs after an injury—usually a fracture. While it is unusual, some patients develop CRPS after a stroke, heart attack, surgery, or other condition.

In most cases, CRPS is a permanent condition. When CRPS is diagnosed and treated early, there is a chance it can disappear permanently. Nevertheless, with most patients, the goal is to reduce the pain and slow down the symptoms. Learning how to cope with some pain and learn to live a full life with some symptoms is key to successful management.

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