Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome causes localized muscle pain generally affecting one side of the body much more than the other. The patients with myofascial pain develop “trigger points.” A trigger point may be felt as “knots” or a “band” of muscle that may be palpated beneath the skin. When pressure is applied to the painful trigger point it causes pain in other parts of the body “radiated pain”.

Myofascial pain may result from a single trauma to a muscle or from repetitive minor trauma over time. There is no laboratory, radiographic or other diagnostic tests to prove the diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome so it is considered a “subjective” diagnosis.

Physical therapy methods are considered the best treatments for myofascial pain syndrome. Other treatments include a “stretch and spray” technique, in which the muscle with the trigger point is sprayed along its length with a coolant, then slowly stretched. Your Pain Doctor at Stylet Pain Clinic could also work in the “trigger points” injecting local anesthesia on it or specifically stimulating the affected area with needles or electric acupuncture.

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