Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that results in damage to the peripheral nerves. It often causes weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in your hands and feet. The pain is often described as stabbing, burning or tingling.

Peripheral neuropathy can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins. Some of the most common causes are diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, chemotherapy, and some auto-immune diseases or vitamin deficiencies.

Usually, a peripheral neuropathy cannot be cured, but you can do a lot of things to prevent it from getting worse. and mitigate its pain too. If an underlying condition like diabetes is at fault, your healthcare provider will treat that first and then the doctors at Stylet will treat the pain.

Diabetic neuropathy affects millions of Americans but is often undertreated. Then we decided to bring focus an updated, scientific and compassionate approach to the management of the severe and many times disabling pain produced by the effect of chronic diabetes in the nerves.



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